When Jill met Dean


In 2020 after we were allowed out of our first lockdown I joined FSO after some coaxing from friends; I felt weird about online dating. I had been separated from my husband for 3 years and I only just started to feel okay about moving on. I searched the profiles in my province but never really messaged any one. I got a couple of smiles but never responded. Anyway I got a message from DR, he had great grammar and spelling (5 points), and a great initial message (5 points), plus I really liked his photos so I replied. Incidentally my photos were private and he had never previously reached out to a woman if she didn't have a photo up (a typical man thing), he reckoned he messaged me because of my FSO name. We messaged for a week, phone chatted for another, and met up that weekend for coffee. I didn't feel an initial explosive connection (red flag to me), but there was a connection; I loved his eyes, his manner, and warm caring personality, so agreed to a second date. Im so glad he was persistent, as I was slow to fully let my feelings develop, I really wanted to see if we were compatible over time, as well as push through my own self imposed superficial barriers to commitment. Anyway we are two years down and so glad I joined FSO and that the timing was right to connect with my beautiful man. We are still living in different towns but are exclusive, in love, and talking about moving in together in the near future.



  • Were you nervous about online dating at the start?


  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    None, he was my first

  • Did it take you long to find your partner?

    2 weeks