When Grant met Michelle


Back some time ago...I was almost an original Finedsomeone user.

I had been search via FS for 8 years, and bingo, received the Smile I had been searching for.

Michelle and I have been Married now for 11 years after a 5 year courtship, decisions, decisions, etc.

My advice to all searchers is to maintain integrity and and put forward a full and truthful profile.



  • What made you try online dating?

    Other means weren't paying dividends

  • Who reached out to who?

    It was a smile reaction, just what I needed.

  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    Not if I didn't fancy the frog

  • How long did you chat online before meeting up?

    About 5 minutes. She supplied her address. I told her it was inappropriate, however we met, for a wine and chat, then arranged that all important second Date.

  • Any advice to other singles still looking for their special someone?

    Persistance Pays.....Be sure to have a legitimate profile.