When Geoffrey met Mary


Geoffrey 83 (now 84) from Western suburbs, Kumeu to be exact, saw a photo of Englishwoman 81 from East Coast Bays, Torbay to be exact, and thought she looked sorta cute so sent a smile.

Mary responded to that, so we got together, very carefully until we knew each other better, and now we are very close and spend every weekend together. During the getting to know each other phase we mutually "Favourited" each other and the team at FS announced that, which made me (Geoffrey) feel a bit like a celebrity. The team at FS must have then noticed a cessation of messages via FS, but we continued chatting by phone from then on, having a little chat every day during our apart times. From Geoffrey, Thankyou Find Someone, and I will cancel my subscription shortly, before its renewal time.



  • What was your first date?

    Met and had lunch and coffee together near her place

  • How long did you chat online before meeting up?

    One week

  • What attracted you first about your partner?

    She looked sorta cute.