Sending a Smile (or Wink, Hug etc.) is an easy way to let someone know that you are interested in them without worrying about what to say.

If you have received a Smile from a member, sending them a Smile in return may encourage them to take things a step further and send you a Message. If you receive a Smile we may notify you by email, depending on your Options.

To send a Smile, click the 'Send a Smile' button on their Profile. You can only send each member one type of Smile. Basic members can send up to 10 smiles per day. Gold members can send Smiles to as many members as they like.

Smiles can be found in your Inbox. Each Smile you receive will be displayed with the profile of the member who sent it. You have the option to send that member a Smile of your own, a Message or add them as a Favourite.

You can delete Smiles by clicking the delete button on the right of the Smile in your Inbox.

You can choose to not to receive Smiles on your Options page.

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